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Lemon drizzle cake

June 4, 2008

For some reason, and perhaps it is just me, England is wholly preoccupied with one cake, and one cake only – The Lemon Drizzle. I think it holds the place in the hearts of the land that banana bread does in Australia. Since my arrival I have sampled not a few slices of this magnificent gorgeousness, in teashops throughout the land. I have heard or seen it referred to, in tones ranging from reverent to exuberant, on the radio, in the newspaper and even in a play at the Hay festival. And rightly so.

Some have had icing, others only the tangy lemony sugary crust. While both are fantastic, I find myself coming out slightly in favour of the latter, which is what I made, a couple of weeks ago, and shared with friends after dinner as we sat in front of a roaring fire and listened to ELO. It turned out, dare I say it, perfect. Sweet and lemony and bouncy and golden.

I got the recipe from, but (due to concerns the top might brown too quickly) cooked it on the middle shelf, therefore at a lower temp, for about 15 minutes extra. I used the juice of 2 lemons in the drizzle as well. Highly recommended.


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