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Magnificent Wren

June 17, 2008

Yesterday I went to Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral. It is such a beautiful place. My main memory of St Paul’s is climbing up the stairs with my dad, counting as we went. We must have done it four or five times and it was always a special thing to do and to see the amazing views. Now, you have to pay to go up which I think is such a pity. How many local parents and children no longer climb the steps together on a weekend because it costs too much? It reduces the status somehow, bringing it closer to Madame Tussauds than the Vatican. You can even buy tickets online, which feels to me to be antithetical to the spirit of things. I am always far less inclined to give money in a church when it is compulsory, whereas I have no problem with donations boxes and always readily give when it is optional, and politely suggested to aid the upkeep of the church. For every person who pays their ten pounds, I am sure there would be four or five who would voluntarily pay two to five pounds.

Ah well. Evensong was beautiful and moving, and I will go back in the next couple of weeks, if only to sit and listen.

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