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I know what happens next…

June 27, 2008

A month ago I decided to write something for the Waterstone’s What’s Your Story? Promotion. I sat in the Cheltenham Waterstone’s café and wrote for a good couple of hours, and it was a good couple of hours. The luxury of time plus an idea plus a project with real specifications (it had to fit onto a certain space) meant I wrote quickly and, I think, clearly which hasn’t happened in months. What’s more, I think this is the beginning of a longer story. I did a second draft and then a third because I suddenly realised I was writing it from the wrong perspective, a third character who shouldn’t be there till the next scene, although he observes this one. But I needed to write it from his point of view first so I could understand the world I was working in.

Anyway, the day before the closing date I popped it in the box at the Tunbridge Wells Waterstone’s, having a little panic as I did so. The feeling was similar to when I used to drop a uni essay in the box – I’d always have a moment of panic that it’d really drop into a dark swirling wormhole that would transfer it to Another Place.

The idea of finishing this small thing felt great. Actually finishing was good too. The trick now is to keep writing, to try and make it the essential habit it used to be. In truth, I haven’t written anything fun, for myself, in over two years. Before this break, I simply didn’t have the energy. But the exciting bit is that the story hasn’t just come to a stunted halt. I know what happens next.

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