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Red jasmine, lemon Melville

August 17, 2008

I’ve been back in Sydney for a month and it’s impressive how quickly I relinquished control to the old home/work routine. This afternoon is a sunny Sunday so I’m taking a few minutes to remind myself of some good stuff. Cause good stuff happens here too, you know.

1 I’m wearing a warm, red jumper. A couple of years ago my housemate was giving a bunch of stuff to the charity shop, and I nabbed this and a couple of others. They’re all good, but there’s something about wearing a red jumper in winter – it magnifies its powers of warmness.
2 Spring is on the way. The jasmine is flowering in the back garden and it smells, and looks, amazing.
3 I’m half-way through Moby Dick, one of those books I’ve thought for a while I should read but haven’t. I had no idea it would make me laugh so much.
4 This afternoon I’m going to make a lemon drizzle cake to take into the office. I made a chocolate cake during the week and it was great – smooth and nutty and fudgy and delicious.

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