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February 7, 2009
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Behold, a New Year

I know it’s a bit late for My First Post for 2009, but what the hey, better late than never.

My New Years Eve was good. Fun. Relaxing. You know how people say you should start the new year as you mean to continue? It may well be crap, but this NYE was the first I have really, truly enjoyed. Previous years have seen me at the fireworks (too crowded, aggro atmosphere), or a party (alright, I suppose, but never quite lives up to expectation) or at home (which tends to eliminate any expectation, which is of course the whole point). All of which leave me feeling rather meh. Sure, some years have been better than others, but I’ve never had the feeling that Yes, this is how I would like this year to be.

Until, quite possibly, this year. Possibly, I say, in hushed tones. I don’t want to scare it away. It’s such a strange possibility to me, such a fragile idea that I am almost scared of typing it aloud. This is a feeling to be nurtured, not shouted at, nor overanalysed.

A small analysis, is, however, permitted:
Location: Peats Ridge Festival
With: 3 friends
Duration: 3 days
Main occupation: Listening to bands.

Each of these things contributed to the success, methinks. It would be a good thing to do at any time of year. The success of it depended particularly on the fact that it ran over 3 days. One of my biggest issues with a regular run of the mill go out to the fireworks NYE’s is the atmosphere. Thousands of people crowded into a small space for a few hours, many getting drunk in an aggro kind of way. Why do they get so aggro? Because nothing’s happening, because the evening is building up to some fireworks and really, that’s not enough. It’s like a pressure cooker filled with nothing but hot air. By contrast, the majority of people at Peats Ridge were there for the entire duration, listening to music, lying on picnic blankets, drinking iced chai, which meant that by day 3 everyone was genuinely relaxed, and happy. Because it was a proper break, the holiday vibe had well and truly taken over and people were well and truly able to reflect on and bask in the good things in life.

Anyway, it was great, and relaxed, and fun. And when I got home the sky looked exactly as the sky on new years day should look:

Resolutions? Healthier living, obviously. Getting out more – saying Yes more – meeting more new people. And, and, and… lots of things, I guess.

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