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But is it Art?

March 1, 2009
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I have been meaning to post about this for ages. ‘This’ being poo. Underneath the dog statue at St. Peters.

It’s been there for months. I have walked past it on my way to work every day, for what, a year? Since winter at least. Come rain, hail, wind and shine, this poo has remained unscathed. And I have noticed it, and spent a few seconds of every day, for months, simply wondering. All those seconds add up, let me assure you.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I took a photo of it. I waited till the crowd from my train was gone because, to be honest, I felt a bit… twattish might be the right word. But isn’t that all part of serious investigative journalism? And, besides calling attention to it, what else can I do? Apart from prod it, which isn’t going to happen. I have questions and I want answers. Is it real? Is it Art? Who is responsible? Why hasn’t anyone cleaned it up?


It must be art, right? But it isn’t official, of that I’m sure. Or, at least as sure as you can be simply by Googling something (no results). Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps everyone knows all about it. Perhaps it was placed there by the one artistic person in the Newtown area who doesn’t love puppies.

It’s a mystery.

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