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Three things

March 4, 2009

Sometimes, only very occasionally, there are things that are completely out of my control, things that manage to really pull me down into the dumps, take away my appetite, and make me want to hide, under the covers, under my desk, under something, hidden away somewhere safe. Times like this, it’s especially important to take note of the good things. There’s a website I love, Three Beautiful Things, which sets an excellent example of seeing the good. Here are my Three Beautiful Things for today:

At dusk, the tree near my house is flooded with colourful parrots cheeping, chattering and singing, and bright white cockatoos squawking. It seems like there are hundreds of them, catching up after their day. I’m a little surprised there is room for them all and the tree doesn’t topple over.

Two men, both strangers, on my two morning trains. The first is a lovely looking guy I see from time to time. I wonder if he is single, I am too shy to say hello, or even catch his eye, but seeing him always makes my day feel full of possibility. The second, this morning had his earphones in blaring dance music. And he danced, still within his personal space, staring ahead, dead serious. He was probably high. Another commuter starts laughing silently and then so do I, I can’t help myself, my shoulders shake with the effort of trying to stay quiet. As soon as I am off the train I chuckle out loud.

A street sign, ‘STOP’ has been changed to read ‘STOP in the name of love.’ I sing the song to myself in my head.

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  1. March 7, 2009 9:44 pm

    Thanks for 3BTing. Those are really magical things — the sort I would like to be able to write about much more often.

  2. March 9, 2009 1:13 pm

    I love the stop sign idea. We have a totally useless stop sign near my house, at a spot where there is not even an intersection, the result of a dispute between the builder and the fire department (which thinks there should be another street coming through . . . but there isn’t one). It would be perfect for some creative writing . . . if I weren’t too chicken 😉

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