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Top 5 Lemon delicious

May 7, 2009

I’m a big fan of making lists and for a while now I’ve been thinking about starting a collection of Top 5’s – not just food, all sorts of things. I recently read an article at Gourmet which has propelled me into action, starting with lemon desserts.

Lemon desserts are perhaps my favourite kind. The simple, sweet but tart flavour is the one I look to whenever I need to quickly make something for guests, and having a lemon tree in my garden gives the already enjoyable process an extra level of easy, happy convenience.

The article takes three eggs and two lemons as the starting point for five extraordinary desserts. They all look good to me (I’m planning for the Dutch Baby with Lemon Sugar to be the first one I try). My own list is a combination of recipes I have tried and would like to try. If you think there’s any I’ve missed, let me know!

  1. Whole Lemon Tart from Smitten Kitchen. If a lemon tart is on the menu, I’m sure to order it. Smitten Kitchen is my favourite food blog (and there are so many amazing ones to choose from!), I really could read it all day.
  2. Lemon Slice from Butter Sugar Flour, a brilliant Australian food blog. This slice has just the right degree of squidginess.
  3. Lemon Drizzle Cake by Tana Ramsey. I’ve written about this one before, after I made it for the first time. I’ve made it a couple of times since, and it always turns out perfectly.
  4. Baked Lemon & Coconut Meringue Cheesecake. This was a reader recipe published in delicious. magazine, and it’s fantastic, just perfect.
  5. Buttermilk Cookies with Lemon Zest from Orangette. I seriously think I could eat a batch of these in one sitting. They are just the right size to pop into your mouth in one go.
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