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Three Things

June 2, 2009

I haven’t 3BT’d in a while, and last night I came home to the perfect prompt – three parcels were waiting for me, each containing a different type of book, a different type of excitement. Two I ordered online – my first ever online book purchases, I’m sure they won’t be my last – the other I won by sending a single tweet.

Three books

The first is A Homemade Life, by Molly Wizenberg, blogger of Orangette fame. The book includes extracts from the blog, as well as lots of new material, and is part memoir, part cookbook. The book departs from having the usual food photography, and instead has illustrations by Camilla Engman (whose blog is full of wistful beauty – have a look). The illustrations suit the feel of the book so perfectly, it all just fits. I’m not sure if it’s even available in the shops here in Australia yet. I ordered it online, after weeks of wanting and reading amazing reviews like this one, and they were all correct – I’ve only read the introduction, but already it comes across as an honest and worthwhile read. She’s just started a break from the world of blogging, but the site is still well worth a visit – her posts and her recipes are equally delightful.

The second is another I ordered online, because of an image I saw on Meet Me At Mikes, a blog that always makes me feel welcome, and a wonderfully crafty site if ever there was one. I’ve been visiting Meet Me At Mikes for a while, long enough to trust the implicit recommendation for a book called How To Make Books by Esther K. Smith, published by the Purgatory Pie Press (what a great name!) in New York City. The image of the book at Meet Me At Mikes has the heading – make books! And I thought – ok! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at bookbinding for a while and I’m thinking about enrolling in a course, but when I spied this book I knew I had to have it – it looks like it’s perfect for getting your head around the basics (and not-so basics). Opening this parcel was like getting into a new board game when you’re a kid – it has a great feel to it, lovely cover, brilliant illustrations, very clear instructions – I can’t wait to get into it properly and start playing.

The third is a lovely little dream journal, won by responding to a tweet on Twitter. When I first signed up for Twitter, a few short weeks ago, I was sceptical. I thought I’d never use it and it was all a silly waste of time. Man, I was wrong. It’s so much fun! There’s so many connections to make and observe, and people twitter so many interesting things. One of the Twitters I follow is a store called Notebookco – an Australian store selling Moleskine Notebooks. They Tweeted that the 10th person to reply would win a dream journal, and I replied and I won! Then lo and behold it arrived in the mail. Just like that! And I love the little card they sent with it, of the girl with red tights (pictured). That could be a gift all on its own.

I think this book arriving in the mail business might be my new favourite luxury. I’ve cut down on the number I buy in recent months, so getting them in the mail adds an extra level of special. Perhaps it’s the novelty, but there’s something about not knowing exactly when something’s going to arrive and coming home from work to find a parcel waiting that makes me a little bit giddy, makes me want to run through the house showing off my new toy, makes it that bit more valuable. These three treasures are going to keep me busy for a while.

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  1. June 9, 2009 11:29 pm

    Oh I love getting book goodness in the mail – and it looks like you received some absolutely lovely selections… 8)

    • maybenextweek permalink*
      June 12, 2009 10:12 am

      They are great – now I just need to find the time to read them!

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