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Skipping Girl & Cards in the Post

August 25, 2009

Our first day in Hobart we saw a poster for the band Skipping Girl Vinegar who were playing at The Republic Bar later in the week. I saw them at Peats Ridge last year and while I couldn’t quite pin down a specific memory of seeing them play, I knew that I had, and knew that I’d circled their name in the program because I’d thought they were good. So we penciled them into the itinerary, and although the evening came at the end of a very busy day, with lots of driving, particularly down one dodgy road for 45 minutes that led to a flooded bridge that blocked us from getting to the highway only 5 kilometres away and then we had to go back the entire way up to get to the other road and where was I?

Yes, it was a long day. And although we contemplated *ahem* skipping the show, we went along and were really glad we did. Because they were great. Just as good as my memory of circling their name in the Peats program indicated they would be, if not more so. After the show we picked up the CD, which, aside from having the great tunes, has had such care put into its production, it makes it an object worth owning. It’s themed like a library book, and came with a gorgeous cotton library bag.

Skipping Girl Vinegar CD

Great, right? The band also has a bit of a side project going, called the Postal Revolution. As they explained on the night, and here on their website:

In an attempt to highjack the bill domination of our letter boxes we have started a little thing we call the Postal Revolution. Get back to pencil and paper, people, and start writing letters to friends and loved ones. There is nothing like receiving a hand written letter in mail: the joy of delayed gratification when you write your thoughts, take it to the post office, wait a couple of days and then… (hopefully) get one back. Try it yourself! You’ll love it! Joy for the price of a stamp.

Lovely. You can sign up to get letters from the band, but the idea is to get people sending more real, meaningful mail to each other. I love sending mail (as do a few of my friends), particularly cards, and I treasure any received. I have to admit though, the best part (apart from the giving and receiving, obviously!), is looking for cards while I’m out and about, especially when I’m on holiday. Some I buy specifically for people, or occasions, but most go into a box, ready and waiting for the right person.

I found a golden selection at a gorgeous shop in Launceston.

CardsAren’t they fantastic? They’re made by a girl in Tassie. I know who one of them’s going to, and the rest will be kept ready. But the one of the girl in the yellow dress is for me – I think she might get framed.

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