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Grand Designs

October 11, 2009

I’m sick, properly sick, with a big throat/cough/head thing. I’ve had it for three days now. Dozing not sleeping, nibbling not eating, glancing not reading. I finished work on Thursday, the end of a year long contract, and started feeling rotten that very night. Typical.

If it wasn’t for all those episodes of Grand Designs I had saved up for a rainy day, I’d be at a loss for what to do with myself. I love Grand Designs. If I was wealthy I like to think one of the things I’d do is build my dream home. It would be somewhere with a wonderful view (naturally), a dilapidated heritage listed property which I would restore to its former glory while making it sustainable and adding a new wing while being visited occasionally by Kevin McCloud and holding my breath as I wait to see whether his remarks will be scathing or proud. Instead I’m pottering around the house, looking at surfaces that need de-cluttering, unable to muster the energy to do anything about them.

Perhaps it is a good thing, giving me legitimate space to rest before I get on with the business of looking for work and sorting out what to do next. Not that I haven’t already started – I have – but there is much more to do. Until something’s settled I can’t really relax. But on the other hand, before I’m locked in to anything I can imagine possible options for myself. Like having a mysterious benefactor leave me some money and a beautiful property with a wonderful view that needs a little bit of tender loving care before it’s habitable again. Or something like that.

But for today? Back to Kevin, and someone elses plans.

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  1. October 30, 2009 8:25 pm

    I too absolutely adore Grand Designs… what a wonderful show! SO inspirational!! (and I also love Kevin more than just a little!).

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