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Gone Away, Welding, Catch-up, Muppets, Love

November 28, 2009

Three Five beautiful things for today:

1. I’ve been reading The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway, on the train to and from work every day for the past fortnight and I finished it this morning, a blissful 2 hours of reading the end of what is a brilliant book. I can’t even begin to describe the plot, my head is still in it too much. Here’s a snippet from a review that does pretty well in summing up:

There are profound meditations on war, commercialism and the nature of humanity, and there are also hugely entertaining passages featuring pirate monks, ninjas, mime artists, ridiculous military escapades and much more. It should be made clear that it is also very often arse-kickingly funny. Throw in some perfectly plotted revelations, an unforgettable finale and a life-affirming and thought-provoking denouement, and you’ve got a tale which will live long in the memory, and a writer destined for great things.

Yes, yes and yes. That gives you a clue as to the complexity, the sadness and bravery and humour and strength and love. It’s one of my new favourites, added to the list of books to read over and over again, to recommend and give to others. I haven’t had one of them in a while. It feels good.

2. I chat with a friend on Twitter about the possible reason why we never meet eligible men – we both work in fields dominated by women, we have mostly female friends and pretty girly interests. Plus we’re not the type to go try to pick up in a bar (yuck). I tweet that “Maybe I need a new hobby – welding?” and straight away those little search engines do their work and I am now being followed by Welders World. I imagine a massive dark space filled with welders, sparks flying, constantly working, except for occasionally when one of the burly manly men lifts his protective head gear, pulls out his iphone and updates his twitter. It makes me giggle whenever I think about it.

3. I have lunch with one of my best friends from high school – she is based in Melbourne and travels for work so I only see her 2 or 3 times a year, but we never have that awkwardness you often have with someone you don’t see very often – it’s always completely normal, as if I had just seen her yesterday.

4. I watch the Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody clip that’s doing the rounds this week… for the fifth time. It makes me happy.

5. Clare Grant, the creator of the original Three Beautiful Things blog got married this week. I’ve never met her, but know enough from her blog that she is a good person, deserving of good things. I feel immensely glad for her and her husband, Nick.

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  1. November 30, 2009 11:57 pm

    What a lovely list of beautiful things.

    Visiting you here is always like coming to a lovely place of positivity and pure joy… a wonderful respite from the sometimes rough and cynical world…

    • maybenextweek permalink*
      December 1, 2009 11:44 am

      Tracey! That’s the most wonderful compliment, thank you! I’m so glad you like visiting.

      Things are often (too often) rough and people cynical, which is why I think it’s essential to look out for the good and pay real attention to it, so as to try to avoid being pulled under by the bad.

      Thanks again! xo

  2. December 15, 2009 10:37 pm

    Nice Blog, Really helpful.

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