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My Place & Yours: That’s Nice, That’s Different, That’s Unusual

December 1, 2009

Ok, the theme this week is brought to us by Toni from Little Suitcase. Toni says:

Being the foxymoron that I am, I decided on the theme – That’s nyoice, that’s different, that’s unewesyewl!
Does your home have a quirky feature or several? Something you throw a strategically placed coat over if people are visiting or avoid telling the real estate agent about? You might be very proud of your house flaw. Maybe you have issues with plumbing, and give the Meryl Streep toilet speech from Mamma Mia, “Now about the toilet. If it doesn’t flush right away, just go, then take a walk and….” with a hand wave.

Easy Peasy. As a result of being stretched and extended and chopped and changed our house has a number of, ahem, quirks. For example, the second toilet is in the laundry, facing the laundry door, which has both a catflap and a window looking out onto the front fence (with, mercifully, some roses growing up it and a frangipani which obscures the view) and then the road outside.

A Loo with a View

The previous owner was a bit of a handyman, but he liked to do things on the cheap (which we didn’t realise until we moved in). The worst job he did was on the wiring which is… interesting. We had it fixed and brought up to code soon after we moved in and figured out how bad it was. It still has a bit of personality though. Like Toni and Caroline, we used to have a couple of switches that did absolutely nothing and we still have one in the hallway that doesn’t work unless the one in my room is switched on as well. Hmmm…

For more nyoice, different and unewesyewl places, head over to Meet Me At Mikes!

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  1. December 2, 2009 8:59 am

    No lingering in that loo.

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