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Christmas Tree, Bubbles, Complimentary

December 27, 2009

Ok, so I haven’t really relaxed yet – things have been crazy busy and my mind has been here and there and everywhere – completely unable to settle. But I’m about to head to the Peats Ridge Festival which should hopefully be great – four days with friends, listing to good music, lying on picnic blankets, dipping my toes in the creek…

So I’ll be back on New Years Day, but I wanted to leave you, and 2009, with Three Beautiful Things.

1. Eating Christmas lunch sitting under the mango tree. It doesn’t feel at all Christmassy – I still miss my UK Christmas too much – it’s one of the few things I haven’t acclimatised to. But it’s still lovely, in a summer holiday kind of way, and I like to think the mangoes hanging from the branches look a little like Christmas baubles.

2. Curling up on the couch for an hour with a glass of sparkling wine and one of my Christmas presents – The Lost Art of Gratitude by Alexander McCall Smith – perfect holiday reading. I have more books waiting for me and I’m looking forward to sinking into them.

3. I make a trifle for Christmas lunch and my Aunty Joy unexpectedly brings one too. Luckily they are two quite different creatures and we all agree they compliment each other well – twice the trifle is twice as nice.

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  1. December 31, 2009 2:53 pm

    Oh your three beautiful things are beautiful indeed! It doesn’t get much more like an Australian Christmas than a fruiting mango tree!!

    I hope you have fun in your musical trip away!! I wish you the very best of starts to the new year!! 😀

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