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Clicketyclicks 66

January 24, 2010

Bonjour! Aren’t Sunday’s great? So far I’ve slept in, read in bed, done some tidying and then some more reading. I almost feel ready for the week to come, which includes Australia Day on Tuesday – I keep forgetting about it so when I remember it’s such a good thought!

This week I’ve been clicking/reading/watching/finding/liking lots of good stuff!:

1. Andrew Bird used to write for the New York Times! You can read his posts here. They’re brilliant and amazing, just like him (sigh). Thanks to the delightful Yas for telling me about it and helping fuel the obsession!

2. There’s a lovely long interview with Neil Gaiman up at The New Yorker – you might want to make yourself a cuppa before you settle into it.

3. I’m liking these wool & wood stools muchly, as well as this delicious blog.

4. The production designer K.K Barrett talks about creating that amazing fort the monsters build in Where the Wild Things Are.

5. While tidying I found a mysterious paper bag containing a card I’d bought at the Finders Keepers last year, and promptly forgotten, as well as a postcard (below) they’d popped in my bag. Nice! It’s by Able & Game, who have a fantastic selection up at their Etsy store – go check ’em out!

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