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Found, Silver, Air

March 21, 2010

Last week was, quite simply, exhausting. It was mostly work craziness – deadline, pressure, changes, 12-hour days – all the things I try to avoid by being a freelancer, but are too often inescapable. Yesterday, despite a magnificent sleep-in, I was still tired, and (for no apparent reason) a little teary. Every instinct told me to stay as quiet as possible, and so I did, snoozing, reading, catching up on emails and watching dvd’s

And it did the trick. Today I feel ten-times more awake, strong and able to get things done and go out and be in the world. Today I feel able to properly pay attention to three beautiful things, whereas yesterday all I could do was notice them out of the corner of my eye.

1. As I wash my hair I realise one of my earrings is missing – it’s one of my favourites – the Nice biscuit earrings by Victoria Mason that I’ve been wearing pretty constantly since I got them last year. Disappointment is replaced by relief when I spy it sitting on my bed beside my pillow, butterfly neatly in place. I must have taken it out in my sleep and put it there for safe keeping.

2. The cat sits next to me on the couch as I watch last weeks episode of Desperate Romantics. The light streams in through cracks in the blinds, giving his black fur streaks of shimmering silver. He might seem like a mythical creature, about to disappear to another land, but he is far too old and staid and real for that.

3. I pop out to the shops, and on my way home I walk behind a man playing the air-drums. He pauses only when he gets to his car, then continues, somehow, as he drives away.

{The original Three Beautiful Things is by Clare Grant, blogging from Tunbridge Wells, one of my favourite places in the world. Her blog is indeed beautiful. Go and say hello!}

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