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Birthday Wishlist #8

March 24, 2010

One thing I feel I haven’t really developed in my twenties is a sense of style – that is, a style that is definably me. That’s not to say that my style hasn’t developed at all or that I don’t have clothes that I love, or that I don’t have my good moments – it has and I do. But I haven’t really made much of a conscious effort. As a result I haven’t reached a point where I look in my wardrobe and see complete outfits, or even complimentary pieces – it’s all a bit haphazard. And, when I do shop, I tend not to take my time, mostly because I feel like I don’t have the time, and so I wind up with something that is usually a newer version of something I already have, something to see me through the summer or tide me over the winter. Meanwhile, I’m constantly noticing people around me, looking lovely – nothing over-the-top – just well considered and put together.

{Images: 1. Anthropologie; 2. NoaNoa; 3. Marie Claire Australia, Feb 09.}

I think this wish is for me to take more time to consider what I wear and how I present myself – to invest in and value myself in this way. I know that a book is more that it’s cover, and while I think I’m a fairly well-rounded person, I’m always a work in progress, and this aspect needs a little bit more thought and effort.

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