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Saturday Snippets

May 29, 2010

This Glee flashmob makes me want to, well, be in a Glee flashmob. (via @sfgirlbybay)

I really want this book!

And this print! (above, by Studio Mela, via Meet Me At Mikes)

And I want to make this cake!

These bad postcards are truly, brilliantly bad.

I’m really enjoying 37 days, where Patti Digh is currently gathering wisdom from people all over the world for her daughter Emma, who is graduating high school. I think this is my favourite so far, which includes number 7: “Turn a deaf ear to those who say the path of art is hard. Doing something you don’t love is a much harder path” and number 18: “Learn to let go. You can’t control how people react to you. You can only control how and what you think about yourself. ”

Pin it forward has begun! I’ve signed up and I’ll be posting in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime there’s a whole bunch of awesome blogs taking part. My favourites so far are Oh Joy! and Sweet Eventide and I can’t wait to see more. The lovely sfgirlbybay is hosting and you can check out the whole list here!

Do any of you have twitter-crushes? I have two. I’m not telling you who, but they’re both writers, and they’re both in the UK. Every now and then, when I’m thinking about my trip, I’ll imagine running into one of them, in a bookstore or a cafe. Naturally, romance blossoms. Which isn’t going to happen now that I’ve written it out loud, because that’s the way it works, right? Oh well.

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  1. May 30, 2010 9:37 pm

    Gosh I really, really love visiting your beautiful blog … I’ve caught up on all your recent posts, but thought I’d just leave ‘hello there, I hope you’re well’ thoughts in this message.

    You’re a constant source of inspiration and positive energy, and I really must visit here more often than I have been of late.

    This post in particular is lovely … it’s like little snippets of wonderment conveniently collected in the one place.

    PS. I’ve seen enough Hollywood movies to know that just talking about your crushes does not rule them out from becoming real-life romances! 😉

    • Francesca permalink*
      May 31, 2010 10:28 pm

      Thanks so much Tracey – you’re the sweetest! xxox

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