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Red, Red, Blue

June 4, 2010

1. My fellow commuters and I get off the train and wait to cross the road. The trilling sound signals we can cross, and we move forward in unison, leading from our chests, not yet moving our feet. Then, as we realise the sound belongs to the other lights, we rock back again, like a wave waiting turn.

2. I walk down a leafy street, past a terraced house with a red door. Someone inside is playing the piano. They play beautifully; I wonder if they’re alone. Are they rehearsing? Is it a lesson? I imagine them playing in a room on their own, with someone in the sunlit kitchen, making tea and humming along.

3. My lovely cat jumps up on my bed in the middle of the night, purring with the volume of a jet plane. Every now and then he walks on me – a not-so subtle hint I should be scratching his ears. I wake up just enough to do so but still continue dreaming. I remember the dream-snippets from those moments. I dream I am curating an art show filled with all kinds of blue.

{The original Three Beautiful Things is by Clare Grant, blogging from Tunbridge Wells, one of my favourite places in the world. Her blog is indeed beautiful. Go and say hello!}

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