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Saturday Snippets

June 19, 2010

{Image via Fubiz}

Today I am dreaming of treehouses; of living in one and being sung to by the birds during the day and by the stars at night.

Today I am heading to Copa (CO!) Copacobana (the one north of Sydney, not north of Havana) with some friends for an awesome weekend of wine, chocolate, board games and dvd’s.

Today I am feeling nervous and sad about moving my cat to my brothers house in Canberra next week, in preparation for my overseas adventures.

I think I might possibly be consoled by these Chocolate doughnut holes.

Or perhaps, the new limited edition Lindt chocolate with sea salt which is amazing – maybe my new favourite.

Bloomsday was this week – did you celebrate? I celebrated by feeling incredibly glad and lucky that I got to study Ulysses at university. I doubt I would have got through it otherwise, but it’s such a brilliant powerful book – well worth trying! My top tip? Get an annotated edition; it will increase your chance of success tenfold!

Did you know that Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath were married on June 16, in honour of Bloomsday? I didn’t know that – I think it’s pretty cool!

I’m a little bit excited about this film. Sophia Coppola and Stephen Freaking Dorff? Yes Please.

I would very much like this wallet. It’s so very pretty. (via Modish)

I’m loving listening to Rufus Wainwright’s new album, All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu. It’s beautiful and intimate and feels like an old favourite already.

This blog is big and bold and shiny.

This is a real sentence from a real news story: “Police in Idaho think they might have solved a yearlong condiment crime spree.” Ha! Now I’m imagining other food sprees – Cupcake, Treacle and my (current) favourite – Custard crime sprees are all running through my mind. Read the full story here! (via @rovinglemon)

This tweet, from William Shatner to Leonard Nimoy, made me laugh out loud: “Lenny, it’s your time to pay for a meal. I must talk to you about how you’re wasting your life. My best, Bill.” Brilliant.

This five minute meditation is just lovely, and a good occasional addition to my 21.5.800 routine. (via photobird’s shared items)

Happy weekend lovelies!

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  1. June 19, 2010 9:37 pm

    I’ve very much enjoyed exploring your snippets of loveliness! It’s always such a pleasure to uncover new wonders here, and also to remember how much we seem to hold in common.

    … I ADORE Rufus Wainwright, Sophia Coppola and Lindt Sea Salt chocolate too! 🙂

    • Francesca permalink*
      June 21, 2010 6:32 pm

      Hurrah for things in common! xxox

  2. June 22, 2010 1:20 pm

    I can attest…the chocolate donut holes are fabuloso! I made them Saturday.

  3. Francesca permalink*
    June 22, 2010 6:09 pm

    Yummo! Nice work Lisa!

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