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Saturday Snippets

July 24, 2010

I don’t know about you guys, but this week has just flown by for me, which is a bit surprising as I’ve been taking it remarkably easy. Having a break like this means I definitely get to stop and smell the roses (or golden yellow flowers, whichever I please). My week has included visits to local towns and villages in Wiltshire near where I’m staying with my friend Ally and her new husband Adrian. I’ve sat in the garden, watched dvd’s and helped prepare dinner each day, and I’ve drunk more than my share, I’m sure, of tea and wine. Dinner always features a huge quantity of veg from the local market at Devizes, which I got to walk around and marvel at as we bought courgettes, aubergines, broad beans, green beans, clementines and more, all sold by the bowl, for 1 pound (or pahnd, to be precise). Then there’s the cheese, phwoar; a beautiful variety of cheese, so well priced it would be a crime to say no. And now here we are, Saturday is with us and the sky is blue and adventure (and hill-climbing) beckons.

I’ve been in the UK almost 2 weeks and I haven’t had any Pimm’s yet! This is very remiss of me, I know, and I think I may remedy the problem with the fab looking recipe newly posted on Orangette. Yum!

I don’t know if you’ve heard but there are plans to update the language of the Famous Five. I think it’s really unnecessary and underestimates the ability of young readers. These books represent the time they were written and that’s not a bad thing; rather, it informs and inspires nostalgia. Language gives a sense of time and place, and broadens understanding. One of the reasons I loved (and still love) Enid Blyton’s books was the language and the feeling that I was going back a little in time. Plus there’s plenty of books written today, using current language. Variety is good, yes? What do you think?

This week Victoria aka sfgirlbybay posted about the blog of timfalle, called Suitcase Confessions which I think is rather wonderful. It features all the things he’s picked up during his travels, and his photos are just lovely, I’ve dipped into them a couple of times since I first clicked over!

These indigo ikats fabrics are just stunning. (via poppytalk) Blue and white really is one of the best twosomes.

I quite fancy one of these t-shirts. Very nice, dontcha think?

These dresses are gorgeous too. (via Design Mom)

I’m loving these animag photostands! (via The Bright Side Project)

And these farmyard cutting boards! I want Mildred the hen! And Horace the pig! (via design*sponge)

I’ve just signed up to join in Susannah’s fab August break, which basically involves posting a picture a day for the month of August. I’ll be continuing normal blogging too, but I’m really excited by the prospect of doing a lot of picture only posts too (I even did a little happy dance in my chair when I signed up). Hurrah! You can join in here.

Happy weekend! I hope it is filled with sunshine and strawberries!

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