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Sunday Snippets!

September 19, 2010

Hurroo! Yes, it’s Sunday Snippets today as yesterday I wasn’t organised enough to both go out and post. I went exploring The National Trust property of Petworth, ancestral home of the Percy’s, and home to the Trust’s largest painting and sculpture collection. While I have no proof whatsoever that the Percy’s of Petworth are my relations, I’ve decided to believe that they are until I see proof to the contrary.

Behold, my inheritance!

Le sigh. It’s nice to dream.

I’m also dreaming of letterpress gorgeousness at the moment – I recently discovered a print online that I just had to have. Now, I often like things; things are great, but it’s rare for me to just have to have something. So when I found this print (below), and subsequently found out it’s completely sold out, everywhere in the world, and they’re not printing any more – well, I stomped my foot, then returned to my dreams of having my own press. Someday, maybe I will!

{Oranges & Lemons by Richard Ardagh}

Isn’t it great? Of all the rhymes I learnt, this is the one that pops into my head with most regularity. I used to love the game too – such a tense, thrilling thing!

Actually, there’s a lovely short history of letterpress over at Poppytalk.

This recipe for Leeks vinaigrette looks tops and tasty.

My decluttering resolve was strengthened this week by a post over at Bindu Wiles by Danielle Laporte who teaches us the Law of the Ugly Chair: “Making space expands your being and clarifies (and dare I say, actually minimizes) your needs. The Divine Law of the Ugly Chair applies as much to furniture and stuff, as it does to lovers, jobs, and thought forms. Because: Going without, and holding out, is better than selling out. Always.”
Wise words. I think I might scribble them down and put them in my wallet.

Fancy a colouring in project? Anna Emilia has a beautiful Autumn tent (below) available to download, over here. Or it could be for Spring too! You choose!

There’s a lovely looking new magazine due to come out next month: Anthology – Living with Substance & Style. Sounds good, yes? There’s a preview up here, which certainly looks good. The only sucky thing is that subscriptions aren’t open to Australia – but hopefully they’ll do so well that they will be available soon enough, and in the meantime, I’m sure there’ll be a few intrepid shops ready to sell it!

I still don’t know how to ride a bike, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting one of these gorgeous creatures. (via jordan ferney)

Do you know and love Loobylu? She’s great, right? Anyway, having made her big move she is posting regularly again – hurrah!

I finished reading Never Let Me Go – after rushing through the first half, in the end I was only reading a few pages at a time, just to make it last. So good.

I’ve been listening to Ella Fitzgerald a lot this week too, mostly singing Gershwin – whenever I listen to her I wonder why it’s been so long between listenings. Has it been a while for you too? Go! Play!

I’m thinking of refreshing my WordPress theme – so long mistylook, hello, something else … waddya think – should I, shouldn’t I? Have you? Was it fun? Traumatic?

Happy Sunday! xxox

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  1. September 20, 2010 12:17 pm

    i too am a fan of Loobylu and are thrilled to hear about their new adventure

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