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Hi Beautiful.

October 27, 2010

Hi beautiful people. How long has it been since I posted? It feels like ages. Yonks. Decades. Far longer than intended. I was planning to have all my New York posts up by today, but the time I would have spent on that has gone to other stuff – job application stuff and planning stuff and trying to find a flight back to Sydney that isn’t a total rip off stuff. There’s no luck with that last one I’m afraid, for some reason the prices have gone sky high. Add to that my mixed feelings about leaving the UK and all that it holds – the autumn and the smell of woodsmoke and the feeling that everything is building up towards a properly lovely festive season – and what you have is a particularly angst-ridden me.

I haven’t booked yet. But it must be done. And there’s plenty of good stuff I’m going home to, it’s just that the grass is always greener. So the prospect of soon leaving these shores has me filled with nostalgia and joy and love of all things England, land of my first fifteen years and still home in many ways. Why must Australia be so far away?

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  1. ourmeetcute permalink
    October 28, 2010 6:25 am

    It can’t be peak season yet? Maybe it’s the mass exodus to leave those GFC-ridden shores?
    It’s lovely and warm, and inviting over here 🙂

  2. Francesca permalink*
    October 28, 2010 8:38 am

    I’ve no idea Kel, I was thinking they’d be off-peak prices but no – it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg! I’m sure when I get there the sunshine will console me. xo

  3. October 28, 2010 1:24 pm

    It is a constant shame that Australia is so far away … I hope you find a bargain flight soon! (or not, if you’d prefer).

    Leaving a place that you love so well can be difficult indeed …

  4. October 30, 2010 7:07 am

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better today Francesca and that you have finally tracked down a flight that won’t bankrupt you. Do you have the option of staying for Christmas or do you need to be back here? My sister and best friend both live overseas and have ping-ponged between Australia and overseas for the past 10 years and they always say that when they are in one place they wish they were in the other and vice-versa!

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