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Saturday Snippets!

November 6, 2010
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I’m way way way behind with my interweb reading and now that I’ve booked my flight back to Sydney, time seems to be going even more quickly, and I’m trying to squeeze all the loveliness I can out of my last 9 days. So, here are a few quickies that have caught my attention as I flew past.

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I would like to own a superdog.

These images, including orange flowers filled with sunshine are gorgeous.

Even behind the scenes at Mad Men looks glamorous. (via Victoria Hannan)

Words that don’t exist in the English language, but are so perfect. My favourites? The first and last:  l’esprit de escalier and sgriobn. (via the drifter and the gypsy)

This interview with Maria Kalman is a very good read.

This looks like a magical place to shop.

I’m kind of in love with the idea of Fist Pump Fridays.

This video is thoughtfully, beautifully and effectively done. (via katiecrackernuts)

There’s some beautiful pictures over here. (via Modish)

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Love, me. Happy Weekend!

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