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Yard Sale

December 19, 2010

1. Veronica Maine silver-grey skirt, size 12.
2. Monsoon rose skirt (55% silk), size 12.
3. Monsoon coral pink cardigan (78% silk), size 10.
4. Alannah Hill skirt with pink lace detail (100% silk), size 12.
5. Monsoon red sequinned skirt with beaded hem, size 10.
6. Monsoon (heavenly) green silk dress (55% silk), size 10.
7. White Juliet formal dress, size 10.
8. Alannah Hill red embroidered t-shirt, size 10.
9. Monsoon striped cardigan, size 10.
10. Monsoon coral red sequinned skirt (yes, another one!) size 10.

The decluttering obsession continues! It really is an addiction. If you could see how much stuff I have, good stuff, but stuff I don’t need, or want, stuff I have already given to the op shop, or have put up for sale on Gumtree, you would understand. The clothing on sale at Gumtree is all top notch, only worn once or twice – it just isn’t really my style. A lot of it harks back to the 4 years I worked for Monsoon and Accessorise before they shut up shop in Australia – so pretty and such good quality.

Some of them I actually remember keeping with the thought, ‘they don’t suit me right now, but maybe they will when I hit my thirties’. Well, this year I hit the big 30, and guess what? They’re still not my style. But they might be yours! So I thought I’d, you know, show some of them off a bit. Any takers? It’s only open to Sydneysiders (sorry!) but, if you’re interested, I’m happy to give MNW readers 25% off the listed price – just email me ( or contact me through the Gumtree form, and mention the blog.

Awesomesauce. Later today, a giveaway!

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