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January 1, 2011

And hello 2011. Right now you look like a great big gaping chasm, a void, an infinite abyss. But I am reminded of a line from one of my favourite movies, Garden State: good luck exploring the infinite abyss! And so that’s what I intend to do, to explore you, every nook and cranny.

I wasn’t planning to, but last night I made a list of resolutions. A good list, I think. Things I can and should control – that’s what I need to focus on. Wishes and dreams need to take a back seat, because although they may inform my actions, they will never amount to anything on their own. If wishes were horses and all that.


::: 1 ::: Reinstate 2 things that help me focus and function better, that I let slide last year ::: Get back into writing to-do lists ::: Walk for an hour first thing every morning with the ipod blaring.

::: 2 ::: Faff less. Be more pro-active. Look for more opportunities and try to create opportunities for myself. Work harder.

::: 3 ::: Write more creative stories, and start submitting them to magazines, journals and competitions.

::: 4 ::: Take more photos. Every day. And get to know my camera and what it’s capable of better. Focus particularly on taking more photos of people, of strangers, and connect with people in the process.

::: 5 ::: Write more letters. To people I know and to people I don’t. And don’t hold back in the writing because of fear of what the reaction might or might not be.

::: 6 ::: This is a biggie. The biggie. With sub-resolutions. OK ::: Decide where I want to live. Move there ::: Find a job I don’t hate, one that doesn’t shut down my brain and steal the heart from my chest. Commit 100%. (See how I snuck it in here at number 6? That’s me being all stealthy.)

::: 7 ::: Create more. Keep up the knitting. Start painting and printing again. Properly and regularly.

::: 8 ::: Keep clearing out unnecessary stuff. Decluttering is one of the best things I started in 2010 and I mean to continue.

::: 9 ::: Pay more attention to how I present myself and how I want to be perceived.

::: 10 ::: Date more. Focus more on the possibilities and less on the barriers. Because the barriers are a straight-jacket. Actually, that applies to everything, not just dating. It should probably have its own number.

::: 11 ::: Focus more on the possibilities and less on the barriers. Focus more on the possibilities and less on the barriers. Focus more on the possibilities and less on the barriers. (If I say it 3 times it might come true. Beetlejuice, Beeetljuice, Beetlejuice!)

Right. That’s 11 resolutions for 2011. Seems apt. Now I can cross that off my to-do list for today. What’s next?


Happy 2011, lovelies. Good luck exploring the infinite abyss! xxox

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