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Week 2, 2011.

January 15, 2011

More than once this week I’ve found myself thinking, ‘I wish I had a map.’ Then this morning Samantha Brightwell tweeted the above. How right she is! As I read it I had one of those welcome little internal shifts that don’t happen often enough. No maps, go with your instincts, be brave. ‘Tis good.

What else?

::: I’ve started some pro/con lists, Rory Gilmore style, and getting a bit closer to making some Big Decisions for this year.

We shall see.

::: I also had my first five-day paid working week in 6 months! Hurrah for money!

::: My extra curricular to-do list has gotten a little out of control though. I’m trying to just do things one at a time – crossing things off a list as I go helps – but still, I can feel a tizzy-cloud hovering over my head.

::: There’s lots going on for people to support those affected by the flooding in Queensland. Liss over at Daydream Lily has a great round-up here, including auctions of lovely handmade prints and pretty things.

There’s also been :::

::: a delicious saffron prawn risotto, perfect calamari and a b&e roll with lashings of tomato sauce and chilli sauce (but not all at the same time)

::: Coffeecoffeecoffee. I am addicted once more.

::: Many episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I adore Sheldon. Bazinga.

::: This guy here. Incredibly cool, or incredibly pompous? I can’t decide.

::: I have a bit of a crush on this guy, based purely on his author profile, and the fact that his first book is described as being ‘like Romeo and Juliet with zombies’. Swoon.

::: I’ve always wondered about that lion.

::: A wrong spot can be the perfect spot. So true.

::: I want to make this, minus the apple.

::: And finally, celebs (including Richard Harris, below) riding bikes. Love it! ::: via A cup of Jo :::

Happy weekend! xo

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