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Week 3, 2011.

January 22, 2011

::: Photograph by Amelia Kay Photography :::


Well then. Week 3, 2011. This week ran pretty much thus :::

Sunday :: Happy! Optimistic! Hurrah!
Monday – Tuesday :: Ugh. Gloomy. No. Have a glass of wine.
Wednesday :: Bit better. Bit hungover. Deep breath.
Thursday :: Depths of despair. Could everyone just bugger the hell off?
Friday :: Bit better. Deep breath. Hello Aunt Flo.

Yep, this week kind of ran every spectrum of the mood ring. Today was a bit better again. I opted to sleep in, stay in, chill out, regroup. Mostly today I just feel … really, really tired. Thank heavens for movies and couches and cups of tea!

One thing that did brighten my week was learning that we share 35% of our DNA with daffodils. QI told me so. Did you know? I think it’s wonderful. And oddly liberating.

What else?

::: The awesome Jamie has also chosen Action as her word for the year. Plus she has pictures of the most beautiful pony. Go see!

::: Bindu has written a great post about stoking the creative fires.

::: You know, I don’t think I’ve heard of an awesome dentist before, but there is one! (there are some awesome business lessons in the story too – read it!) I’m inspired to look for a good one in Sydney. No, not good. Awesome. Does anyone know of an awesome dentist in Sydney?

::: I’d love to walk into a room decorated with these beautiful paper hearts, wouldn’t you?

::: Perhaps that room could also have a branch bookcase? Please?

::: How does Luisa always know exactly what I want to eat before I even know myself? Despite being in a different hemisphere? Hello, Chard and Onion Panade.

::: Jamie has taken the most gorgeous photographs of statues at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If she makes prints available, I’ll be the first in line!

::: I really wish I was at the Alt. Summit. Do you too? Sigh. Someday. But in the meantime I’m really enjoying browsing through this list of up and coming blogs. Not that I need more to read. There’s so much good stuff to read!

::: The commission project is underway again. Someday I would love to own a painting by Paul Ferney. That’s two somedays in a row, isn’t it?

C’est la vie. Happy weekend!


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