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Week 6, 2011.

February 13, 2011

::: By Roman & Williams ::: via Poppytalk :::

Week 6 – oh my! My first week at work went by in a flash – somehow I managed to start on deadline week, so it was incredibly busy – not necessarily a bad thing – it probably meant I didn’t have time to stress out. At least not too much. And after 4 years of freelancing it was so weird to go in … and there is a desk that is all mine, and the computer and phone have my name on them, and I have a company email address. Strange! But good strange. Saturday night was also an annual work party (good timing!), so I made the spicy caramel popcorn of sunshine and happiness (guaranteed to win over new workmates) and did the 2 hour commute to the party (ugh, commuting), but it was a great night – well worth the trip! I was glad to have the opportunity to get to know people a little.

What else?

::: I just ate a sizable cube of very nice cheese (you heard it here first).

::: I went to the First Emperor exhibition at AGNSW yesterday :: it was fab – what an ugly, mean man the emperor was – but that terracotta army! So stunning! If you’re in Sydney, I thoroughly recommend a visit.

::: I know I’m probably the last person in the world to have discovered it, but this week I found Joy the Baker’s blog, and I love it.

::: This girl looks amazing. I mean, her outfit is great, but it’s her happiness that makes her look so wonderful.

::: I’m taking part in this project. You might like to as well!

::: This fried egg kicks arse.

::: As does this short and sweet guide to being fucking awesome.

::: And I’m sighing and swooning over this interview with Sam Beam.

Golly, this post is so late – Sunday night instead of Saturday morning. Never mind, perhaps next week will be slightly less frantic. Here’s hoping!

Have a wonderful week, lovelies! xo

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