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Week 8, 2011.

February 26, 2011

There’s a tiny lizard hiding under the couch. I saw him/her/it on the floor, but he did a runner under the couch before I could catch him/her/it and pop him/her/it back outside. Bum.

Did you notice? I listed listed the post last Saturday as Week 7, 2010. Man, usually I stop doing that in January.

How are you all? My week has been pretty good, except I’ve been ever so slightly under the weather. Not properly sick, just a slight sore throat/energy sucking thing. Not surprising now I’ve re-joined the daily commute/office life, but irritating nevertheless. But still, yes, a pretty good week. I’m figuring things out a bit more at work, and enjoying it for the most part. This week I got to come up with some quiz questions about chocolate and knitting – not bad eh? Did you know the world record for the longest knitted scarf is 33 miles? It was knitted in Wales, for charity. Sweet.

This week also featured a not-really-a-breakup. Not-really-a because the boy in question and I only went out for a couple of months, and never got beyond a few dates, but still. I debated whether to mention it here, because here is where I like to focus on the good stuff, but as far as these things go, breakups, I mean, it was really good. We both felt exactly the same way – we agreed that although we’re great for each other on paper, there’s just no spark. No dramas, no issues. Phew!

Already I’m feeling happy and energised about getting back out there and what the future may bring. I’m feeling excited by the possibility of something great. Anything less won’t do!

I think this energy is helped by the feeling that Autumn is brewing, ever so slightly, in the mornings. Can you feel it? There’s a gorgeous crispness in the air that wasn’t there before. Mmm.

Of course, in the wider world, my attention has been held by the earthquake in Christchurch. My heart hurts for the people impacted by it. I’ve only been there once, but found it a beautiful, peaceful little city. Leonie has some info here, plus links to how you can help and donate money. And I’ll repeat her suggestion here ::: tell someone you love them.

What else? I’ve been :::

::: Wanting to have fun with make-up.

::: Inspired by gorgeous galleries.

::: Loving this photo.

::: And this story.

::: Enjoying rumours about Anna Wintour. I bet some of them are true.

::: Good golly, I want a copy of this book.

::: And I need to read all of these, before they’re made into films.

::: The great cake sale is on! Paul Ferney’s beautiful prints are down to $25 for the next week.

::: I didn’t know that Etsy did ‘get the look’ posts – breaking down the style of an interior and pointing you to corresponding things on sale. I kind of love this style.

Right, time to switch off and go lizard hunting. Wish me luck! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

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