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Week 9, 2011.

March 5, 2011

Happy Week 9, all! Was it good for you? It was pretty good for me, if uneventful. It’s staying darker later in the mornings, and as I go out to work I see birds taking advantage of the harvest. One tree in particular that I pass under lately seems to ceaselessly shake under the movements of the birds within, and though I rarely see them, their excited warbling gives them away.

Right now it’s rainy outside and I’m cosied up on the couch, a heat pack round my neck, which for some reason is knotted and tense and sore, but apart from that, this Saturday is all good. I taped the academy awards during the week to watch today – so much better when you can fast forward through the ads, the majority of speeches and Gwyneth Paltrow singing, right? (though I thought she was pretty good on Glee, so maybe she was just having a bad night). Did you watch the awards? I thought it was mostly blah – I mean more so than usual – but a couple of moments were wonderful. I’m so glad that Shaun Tan won!

What else? I’ve been :::

::: Liking this good advice – date a girl who reads. I would add, date a boy who reads. (boys, reading is sexy. Go at it)

::: Admiring wallpaper worth framing.

::: Reading this ace interview with Heather Armstrong.

::: Feeling inspired to get some jars and start jamming and preserving.

::: And thinking I might start with some whisky marmalade.

::: This looks pretty tasty too.

::: I think it’s splendid that Kylie Johnson’s work has been picked up by Anthropologie. She really does make the loveliest things.

::: As does Kate Spade. I love this rainbow fashion! Also, how cool is Bryce Dallas Howard? Very, says I.

Humph. I’ve just started sneezing. It could be hayfever, but I’m betting it’s my dust allergy. Serves me right for tidying the house a bit. When will I learn I am not made for such activities?

Enjoy your weekend! xo

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