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Week 15, 2011.

April 17, 2011

Bonjour m’lovelies! How goes it? I know, I know, this post is super-late, but I’ve been busy and sneezy this weekend, in that order. Bloody hayfever! But my week was pretty good! Tuesday was odd, what with the trains being stuffed ‘n all – but all grumbles were blown away by the gust of wind that dropped a house (the NSW upper-house – heh), on Pauline Hanson. Ding dong, the witch is dead, and now my flimsy threats that I would leave the state should she be elected shall remain untested. Hurrah! says I.

Plus I’ve reached halfway point, knitting my first ever scarf. I took the photo above when I cast on in November, in a room in Kent sitting by the fire. I’m speeding up now, so I’m hoping to be done by September. I’m loving it, and loving the discovery that I’m a knitter!

This week I have for you :::

::: Words of advice: Never go shopping in Haigh’s on payday. Especially not when all the Easter goodies are in stock. And definitely don’t go spending so much that they then say to you ‘Congratulations, you just bought a ton of chocolate. We’d like to say thank you by giving you more chocolate.’ Yikes!

::: It’s really really good chocolate though. Just saying.

::: A recommendation: If NTLive comes to a cinema near you, go! I saw Frankenstein at the Dendy last weekend and it was amazing – one of the best theatrical performances I’ve ever seen, despite it being on the screen. Frankenstein is one of my favourite books and, although I love the movie versions, they’re never very true to the story. This one had the heart and soul of the creature at the forefront, and it was so beautifully done.

::: There’s some handsome, bearded loveliness – right here.

::: Speaking of which, have you seen the bearded?

::: Do you like Brussels sprouts? They’re back in season, and this weekend I’ve been cooking them with butter and parmesan, as suggested here. Delish! How do you like to have them?

::: It seems I am a scanner, which will make perfect sense if you read this. How about you?

::: I can’t wait to play with this! (via Design*Sponge)

Have a wonderful week! xo

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