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April 24, 2011

So far:

::: 6.5 hours on a coach to and from Canberra – yuck!

::: Quality time with the brothers.

::: Quality time with Thomas the wonder cat, who is feeling much more comfy and happy due to his medication – hurrah!

::: Bacon and eggs.

::: An Indian feast.

::: Movies! Lots of movies. Thor – gold class, very fancy, ’twas Thorsome (sorry) – Zombieland, Megamind, Sherlock Holmes. Good stuff.

::: Chocolate (of course).

Still to come!

::: Friends!

::: Finishing a short story I started on the bus, inspired by the annoying guy I was sitting next to on the way home who thought the time would be well spent catching up on his not-at-all-urgent and incredibly long winded (and loud!) phone calls. Grrr.

::: Quality tv/knitting time.

::: Quality snoozing time.

::: Quality reading time.

::: More chocolate! (of course)

How about you? Are you having a good Easter?

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  1. April 27, 2011 10:28 pm

    Sounds perfect. We had a lovely Easter with family but the bunny in charge of the Easter egg hunt got very carried away and one child ended up with 111 small eggs while the other ended up with 77 of various sizes! WAY TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE but a lot of fun to see their amazed faces:)

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