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Amanda Wachob, Bloodlines.

June 28, 2011

::: by Amanda Wachob ::: via Design Sponge :::

How do you feel about tattoos? I’ve been quietly interested in getting one since I was about 15, but the question has always been, what to get? I’d want something meaningful, but I know myself well enough to understand that personal meanings can change – I’m only just starting to feel like I could choose something I could be happy with, you know, forever.

Seeing Amanda Wachob’s work on Design Sponge has tapped into this usually dormant idea and made me wonder, that perhaps, next time I’m in New York (early next year, fingers crossed!), it might be time. She’s an extraordinary artist. The top painterly images are of her abstract work – I think they’re dazzling – it’s hard to believe they’re tattoos. The second images are of ‘Bloodlines’. That’s what I can see myself going for. They’re tattoos “executed with distilled water instead of ink … The lack of pigment renders the marking impermanent … It is intended that as your body heals the mark, the symbol’s energies are absorbed.”


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