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Weeks 27, 28 & 29.

July 23, 2011

Hello friends, sorry for the quiet. I’ve been away! Away from extra-curricular computer time, that is – not proper, fun away. Although I did have a weekend visiting friends at the central coast – they took me to see the horses at Glenworth Valley – more on them later this week. But my non-computering was due to a few days of pain, running from my neck to my mouse clicking finger – RSI, right? Let’s not say it out loud, and then it won’t be true. Anyway, I’ve been resting it a bit, and lo and behold, it’s feeling much better. Can I just give a hip hip hooray for wheat packs?

So what’s been going on? Lots of stuff. Baking, reading, occasional wandering about inbetween all the rainrainrainrainrain, photographing, eating bagels, Harry Potter! Oh my! That was a bit emotional. Ok. More than a bit. Yes, there were tears. There’s a big Harry Potter post coming soon, to be sure.

What else? Well, there was an auction, and a KitchenAid artisan mixer, and my voice calling out a bid. And I won! How did that happen? I’ve wanted one for so long, so I still can’t quite believe it’s mine. It’s definitely true love. I decided to give her a name, cause, obviously, and someone suggested KitchenMaid Marion. Hee. Yes. Marion it is.

I have good stuff for you too!

::: Cake! And more cake! Hurrah!

::: William Edmonds has many good things here (via my love for you).

::: A reminder about keeping anonymous online critics in their place.

::: And wise thoughts on female identity.

::: Are you on Google+? I’m am, but I’m slightly clueless as to what to do with it, and I have to admit I’m feeling a bit meh about the whole thing … I think this might be of help.

::: How I wish I was here! All the fun of the Jazz age, in New York (of course).

::: Summer strawberry dreaming.

::: And a gorgeous cosy granny blanket. It is definitely blanket weather in my neck of the woods.


Alrighty, I have to go. There’s soup on the stove, and it needs seasoning. Happy Saturday! xo

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