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Like Water Off A Duck’s Back. Sort Of.

May 28, 2012

One of the immensely satisfying things about being editor is having the ability to grasp the story that someone is trying to tell, and the power to shape, clarify and tweak it until it fits, flows, is correct, neat and whole.

Sometimes I wish real life worked like that too.

I think I’m pretty good at not sweating the small stuff (I’ve been through enough big stuff to know what’s important), and mostly when things don’t go my way I can shrug it off, but there are also certain occasions when I would very much like to give reality the finger, (or rather, the green artline pen) and show it how life should be done, so the story makes sense, is sweet and tender and exciting and romantic, how it should be. But instead (because I am not a god, no matter how many times I try to control the weather with the power of positive thinking) I try to turn my energy in a different direction and focus on the things I can control.

I can:

::: Slow down and take some time to myself.

::: Carve out time to write.

::: Make plans with lovely friends.

::: Paint my nails so they sparkle.

::: Listen to great music.

::: Make killer roast potatoes and drink good whisky.

::: Buy myself a super-cute dress from one of my fave shops.

::: Keep my heart and mind open to whatever comes next.

I can give you some cool stuff too.

::: A vicarious breakfast in New York.

::: A brilliant letter from Noel Coward to Marlene Dietrich.

::: I think this fabric could be made into very lovely things.

::: The Sideshow Sign Company makes awesome stuff. I’m very tempted by this (via Eat Drink Chic)

::: I thought for a split-second that this was actually real. I may have even squealed. I’m putting some of that aforementioned godly positive thinking energy out for it to happen, because that would be the coolest (yes, also nerdiest) thing ever.

::: These meringues look beautiful. And make my fingers itch to play with food colouring.

::: This made me laugh.


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